Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm Back!!!

I wish I had a good excuse as to why I have taken a six month hiatus from blogging, but other than having a 15 month old and converting from PC to Mac (and having a few technical issues) I have no such excuse! Time continues to fly by us and I have sat down so many times to write another post only to be distracted by,

 Harper has gotten so big and is looking more like a little girl than a baby. She is talking quite well and can scale furniture like a tree frog:) I have asked my mom many times what I did to deserve such a little ball of energy! She continues to be into EVERYTHING, but is starting to listen (and occasionally obey) which makes it a little better. Sometimes I fear that "terrible two's" have hit early for us as far as tantrums are concerned. When I am not pleasing HER she will throw herself on the floor screaming, and if I leave the room, she will just get up follow me and throw herself on the floor in the room I am in:) Despite it all, she is still the joy of our lives! We can't imagine life without her:) We went to her 15 month appointment last week and she was 31"(95%) and 24 lbs (70%), the Dr. said she was about 6 months ahead verbally (pardon my Mommy bragging:)). She continues to be a good eater and sleeper, which is such a blessing! (The child can eat an 8 piece chicken nugget from Chick-fil-a!!) She has "graduated" the the next class at daycare where they sleep on nap mats and are starting on cups without lids! Everyone tells you they grow up so fast, but I had NO IDEA!

I (Rachel) am still enjoying work, but still wish there were more hours in the day! I am training for another half marathon that is in New Orleans in October. Speaking of October...Nick turns 30 next month!!!

Well....that is enough for now. Please bear with me as a jump back on this blogging train:)Here is a video from May from our family birthday party for Harper and Reagan (my niece who is 2 and a half weeks younger than H)and one of Harper playing with Abby...ENJOY!

 We love you all!
Nick, Rachel, and Harper

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