Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sicknesses...part 2

Ok, so I spoke too soon in our last post complaining about sicknesses. Last week Harper's daycare shut down early on a Thursday and was closed Friday, so took off to stay with her. She had been coughing some during the week, but was acting like her happy self so I didn't think anything about it. Thursday night she coughed all night and threw up her bottle the next morning. I figured, I was off work, I may as well take her to the doctor just to get it all checked out. Her pediatrician could hear wheezing and said her ears were full of pus...yuck, I know! Well poor thing turned out to have bronchiolitis that was caused by RSV ("Really Sucks Virus") AND another double ear infection. He said that the ears were BAD and if this one didn't clear up with one round of antibiotics then we were going to go ahead with tubes. For the RSV we had to get a nebulizer and start giving her breathing treatments every four hours. Let me tell you trying to keep a breathing mask on a 8 month old is no joke! She actually handled it surprisingly well, and Nick and I are both a little worried about her enjoying it a little too much:) The treatments take about 10 minutes and she usually does great for the first 7 then it takes a three ring circus (Nick + Abby + Jovi) to distract her!!! We were supposed to go to Oxford for Ole Miss baseball alumni weekend, but didn't think sitting at a baseball game in 40 degree weather was going to help her illness. Nick did get to go up Saturday and see old baseball buddies that he had not seen in a long time, which I was so glad!

Fast forward to today. Sunny and beautiful. Everyone in the house seems to be well (at least for the moment). We spent most the afternoon outside enjoying the beautiful weather, washing cars, cleaning up, and H and I even went for a run. One of my best friends from Ole Miss got married here this weekend so we have been going all weekend with all of the festivities, so it was nice to enjoy some time to relax and enjoy each other. Here are some pics from today...
We hope you enjoyed this weekend as much as us:)

I also have some more pics up on here

We Love You!

Nick, Rachel, and Harper