Sunday, January 30, 2011 I still have a blog??? am not even going to address the fact that we are one day away from February and I have not blogged since Thanksgiving! Our baby girl is now 8 months old and into EVERYTHING!!! But I will start where I left off...

Christmas 2010

Harper's first Christmas was a blast! Jenn and Kyle came down from Annapolis for a little over a week before Christmas, and it was so fun for the cousins to play together:) Reagan and Harper couldn't be more different, it is going to be so neat watching them grow together.
The Bradhaw's, The Viertel's, and The Sponaugle's

Unfortunately, being a new employee, I had to work Christmas Eve:( So, after work we headed to Memphis to spend Christmas weekend with the Bradshaw's. As always, the weekend flew by in all its craziness...but was so much fun! Somehow pictures from actual Christmas have yet to be found, so hopefully I can get more on here soon!

January 2011

This past month has been a rough one health wise. Harper started the month off with a double ear infection, the next week Nick got the flu, who then passed the "flu-baton" to me for the next week. Just when everything was looking good I had a bout with some bad guacamole...then Nick needed a little MORE attention and got a horrible stomach bug, and Harper used this time to get the worst diaper rash I have ever seen AND cut a top tooth. That pretty much sums up our month so far, but one positive...our pharmacist knows me by name:) Enough complaining...

Harper is now 8 months old!!! I can't believe how fast everything is passing me by! She is now a professional "cruiser" and will even let go of her support and stand on her own from time to time. I am not sure she will ever walk because she cannot stop "dancing" long enough to take steps! (Not that I am ready for her to...she is already hard enough to keep up with!) I went to the bathroom for 5 seconds and cam back to the living room and she was behind the TV chewing on the cable!
As I said before she has now cut her top front right tooth, and feels this gives her passage to eat whatever is on Mommy's plate (she has already figured out I am the weakest link). She has tried all kinds of food and loves everything (gets that from her Mama): tater tots, ice cream, pizza, kibbles and bits (oops!).
As I have said before, I am scared what we will have if God blesses us with another child because she is such a good baby! She is sleeping from around 8:00-7:30 (roughly) every night, eats good, poops good, and is always HAPPY! She is such a joy in our lives, I don't know what we did without her.

She has now learned to give kisses on the lips. Well, our lips, usually her tongue...I guess Abby taught her this...cute none the less, but feel free to turn it down if she offers you one:) She will also wave bye-bye and is working on blowing kisses! This is actually really funny because when she does she sucks her lips in and looks like an old man who forgot to put his dentures in! I am fairly sure she will say Dada first since she says Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba all day long now.
lkWell thanks for checking in on us! Here is a link to our Picasa site to see more pics.

P.S. Before I go, I have to brag on my husband! I told him I wanted a sofa table, and look what he whipped up last weekend:)
We love you all!
Nick, Rachel, and Harper