Saturday, October 2, 2010

Peas, Please!

Hello friends! I hope everyone is starting to get some awesome fall has been beautiful here this week! We even broke out one of Harper's hats this morning when we were outside!

Well, as I mentioned last post, Harper had her 4 month check up (and shots) on Monday. Here were her stats:
Length: 25.25 inches (80th percentile)
Weight: 14lbs 5 oz (70th percentile)
Head Circumference: 40.5 cm (35th percentile)
Our pediatrician said everything looked great and after assuring me that head size is not indicative of brain development, I felt much better:) He even said that her strength and development was that of a 6 month old! As we were talking about her "rolling off the bed" incident, Harper took advantage of this opportunity to show the Doctor her rolling trick (luckily he caught her by the leg before she rolled off the exam table!) She took her shots like a champ. Didn't cry at all with the first one, but the second one burned and she let loose!

The pediatrician said that since everything with her development looked great we may want to go ahead and start her on "solid foods". After she mastered the spoon with rice cereal, I broke out my blender and got to puree-ing. I made peas, green beans, avocado, broccoli, carrots (Anything I had laying around that I thought could be baby food). Of course I had to freeze them all because you can only introduce one food at a time...i guess I got a little excited:) Anyway...we picked peas to be the magical first food and grabbed the video and regular camera.

So excited to try something new!

Not so sure about this...

What in the world????

This may take some time:)

Everything I read told you to feed them their milk first, so they don't fill up on the solid foods at first. So after feeding her, her whole night time bottle we decided to try the peas...rookie mistake. The peas triggered her gag reflex which then invited her entire bottle to come up with what little peas she got down... I will spare you those pictures, but lets just say her bumbo seat ended up in the shower:) Guess this will take a little time.

Every day she seems to get more and more active! I am already dreading chasing her around, but it is still so fun to see:) Here she is in her sassy seat...she LOVES it! Especially to watch Abby and Jovi run around her.

This morning we were out on the porch and it was cool so I put her hat on (she looked so cute)! Of course then she soiled her outfit, so soon she is wearing nothing BUT her hat (which is her favorite way to be:)
We are now all watching the Ole Miss game (GO REBELS!!!!). Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Thanks for checking on us, we love you!

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Nick, Rachel, and Harper