Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Big Step

It has been a busy week here at the Bradshaw house! For My birthday (Monday, March 14), Nick and my Dad did something I was wanting for a while...they redid the surround for my bathtub! I know our house is only 3 years old, but the tub was not put in properly and causing some issues. I got to go pick out the materials last week and they worked on it all weekend!

This is what I picked...tumbled marble and glass subway tiles...

Harper wanted to "help" SO bad:)
Speaking of Harper, my job while they finished working on the bathroom Monday was to corral this wild thing:) While we were playing on the floor watching them work...she took her FIRST STEPS!!! I was so proud, then I realized.... MY LIFE IS OVER! I can barely keep up with her crawling, how am I supposed to keep up with her walking?!?! Here is a video from today...of course once we got the video camera out she wouldn't do ANYTHING but she took a step or two!

Oh, almost forgot to show you the finished product in our bathroom.....TAH-DAH!!! more picture of Harper, well, just because she is so darn cute:)

ok, ok I promise last thing on Harper! Here she is yesterday getting ready for Easter:) She kept trying to get her ears , but couldn't figure it out:)

Thanks for checking in on us!

If you feel the need to see even more pictures, I put more on our Picasa site, click here.

We Love You!

Nick, Rachel, and Harper

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  1. It's like they think they are supposed to FREEZE when you bust out the video camera and stop doing whatever they have been doing! So cute though Rach!