Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting CLOSE!!!

I know, I know...long time no post...sorry! The last few weeks have been so busy! We have had 3 showers, 2 weddings, finished PT school, had a garage sale, once a week doctor appointments, all while I am supposed to be "taking it easy":) It has been so fun getting everything prepared for Harper's arrival. Last post I showed you pics from my sweet Memphis shower, since then my best friends from Ole Miss and our Sunday School class also threw us showers. We have been so blessed with such wonderful friends and family to take care of us and felt so special and loved! Here is her room after with all of her goodies:

So after realizing we only have 3 WEEKS until she gets here, I figured I better get busy putting everything in its place. After several hours of sorting, folding and placing (it shouldn't have taken this long but squealing over every precious item, slows you down a bit) this is what she gets to come home to!

Other than hanging things on walls, her room is DONE...I still can't believe she is almost here! As I mentioned before, I finished Physical Therapy school last week and now am just waiting to walk across the stage at graduation May 21st. Although I have only had 2-3 days of free time, I am already going stir crazy! So I have picked up some arts and crafts:) here are some things I have been working on: (hope she has hair at some point!)

We finished up childbirth classes two weeks ago, and I guess we feel as prepared as we are going to be. And for Nick this includes keeping his eyes shut during every video. He did however pass infant care with flying colors! The husbands were given a doll and told to undress them, remove diaper, replace diaper, redress, and swaddle the baby. Nick was a pro at everything, until it cam to the swaddle. After staring at the doll a few seconds a light bulb went off in his head, as we watched him spread the blanket out and roll the child like a burrito. The instructor died laughing and made everyone stop and watch Nick's technique, as I beamed with pride:) It was so cute, and I will say his "swaddle" looked the best out of all the others! Here is him in action (sorry not very good pics):

Now for baby news! As I mentioned before we are now over 37 weeks! We spent yesterday at the doctor and got one last ultrasound. She was so squished in there and would NOT sit still, none of the pics were worth uploading. She is in the proper "go position" (as Nick calls it) and measured about 6lbs 15oz putting her in the 56th percentile. The ultrasound tech said that these guesses are usually within 1 pound either way, so she is somewhere between 6 and 8lbs most likely. We got to see a glimpse of her face, but could make very little out since she is facing my spine, it was still fun! Nick thinks she looked like she had a head of hair, I couldn't tell. I have packed a bag for her and me, the pack and play is set up in our room and the car seat is in the car. Every step makes all this more real but still somehow DRAGS on! We are just so anxious to meet her! This is us at 36 weeks, then the next is us at 37 weeks with Abby and Jovi.
Speaking of the "girls" I think they know something big is about to happen. They go into her room all the time to sniff around and I have even caught them taking naps in there. Abby even picked out a toy she wanted to borrow from Harper until she gets here. Unfortunately she has already broken it, but somehow keeps finding that same silly toy no matter where I hide it!

Well thanks again for checking in on us! Check back hopefully SOON, maybe the next post will have newborn pics!!!

We love you!!
Nick, Rachel, and Harper Bradshaw


  1. So cute Rachel! I'm getting so excited for you! And jealous. I think you should switch places with does going back to 24 weeks sound? :)
    <3 Amy

  2. Haha...absolutely NOT! I think 2 weeks sounds like an ETERNITY right now:)