Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Starting to Come Together

Nick and I have been hard at work this last week as we started on the nursery! Nick painted the walls Saturday a pink tinted white. It actually turned out quite a bit pinker than we expected, but once some furniture was in the was perfect!

I bought some wall art a while back, thinking we could use it in the room, but when I decided to use black and white it would not work. I spent the weekend, and week, repainting the intricate design. It took FOREVER!!! Here are the before and after pics.
After the walls were painted, I was motivated to find some furniture! My sweet parents bought me this AWESOME glider/recliner chair that will be wonderful for long nights. And my sweet husband bought me the crib that I picked out:) Here are the pieces in her room!
My mom is going to make her bedding and I have started to pick out fabric. We are going to do all black and white and this is a swatch of the material that will hopefully be the curtains, and maybe a little in the bed too!
The final thing we have started adding to the room is in her closet!! I have resisted the urge to buy every sweet baby girl outfit I see, but sometimes I am overcome:) Between me, my mom, and my sweet neighbor...our little girl is already becoming one of the best dressed chicks around! Here is the beginnings of her wardrobe!
And the last bit of exciting news is we have almost (maybe) settled on the name!!! We have been taking the top names we like and calling her that all day, to help get a feel for it. It worked surprisingly well and the one that has stuck so far it........................Harper! Like I said, we aren't ready to paint in a mural on the wall or anything, but it is the one that BOTH of us are the most fond of. Well thanks for checking in with us! We go back to the doctor for another ultrasound Tuesday, so check back and I will put up more pictures!

Much Love!
Nick and Rachel


  1. The room is looking so cute!!!! Isn't it so much fun :)

    Glad to hear you are doing well! Love the name too.

  2. wow... that is impressive. I need to hire you to come help with my entire house. Love the name. It is precious!!! Way to go, guys! :o)